BWWelcome! The aim of Digital Is Not Rocket Science is to try and bridge the gap between the accelerating world of digital and the people who would like to know more about it but feel a little left behind.

With new innovations such as autonomous vehicles, AI, mixed realities and wearable tech all now white-hot topics, there is a large vacuum in understanding that I’m keen should be filled. I hope that by sharing my knowledge and experience along with a handful of guiding innovation principles, it will arm readers with more information and confidence to know and understand what’s involved.

I’ve worked in IT and digital roles in four different industries for more than 20 years, and find that we continue to face the same issues even though the technology continues to change. The point of delivery in particular hasn’t changed at all; end users don’t always understand what they should expect at delivery, and some don’t fully understand their business needs nor the technical processes required to meet them. This lack of knowledge compromises the brief, digital developers then have to take the high ground (“it’s like this because…”) and we subsequently wonder why IT has had a relatively poor delivery reputation.

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Ben Wagenaar

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