What will be the digital legacy of COVID-19?

I don't think any of us could have forseen the impact that Coronavirus has had on our lives. In just a few short weeks, its grip has tightened to the point that the UK is approaching its first two weeks of a country-wide lockdown to slow the spread of the virus. We've already seen behavioural... Continue Reading →

The Trial, the whole Trial, and nothing but the Trial

Picture the situation: you've just been tasked with delivering a presentation on the Internet Of Things to a group of senior managers. To speak to non-technical people, you've got to find a way of successfully abstracting the concept of how sensors produce data to give insight on your assets. Fine. Let's put together some diagrams,... Continue Reading →

3 months with Google Home

Earlier this year, I lamented how great Google's rollercoaster was at CES. It was easily the highlight of the show, and at the end of the ride, instead of reviewing those photos you normally get on rollercoasters - the ones you walk away from - Google were taking email addresses from delegates to allow them... Continue Reading →

CES 2019: That’s a Wrap

Phew! Did that all really just happen? The world's biggest tech event took 4 days and 237 photos to get through, along with countless miles walked. Let's mention Day 4. As expected, CES was a great deal quieter on Friday as many attendees must have felt their work (and feet) were done. Myself and my... Continue Reading →

CES 2019: Day 3 Report

Now the legs are beginning to hurt. My colleague and I wondered how many of the expected 182,000 CES delegates would actually walk the entire show; I reckon it's probably a low figure, maybe 5-10% at most judging by the smattering of delegate badges already appearing in the perspex recycle bins, but we're absolutely in... Continue Reading →

CES 2019: Day 2 Report

Oh Google, you tease. The Hey Google stand sits incongruously in the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot, looking like it wants into CES but not being allowed. And yet, in amongst the IKEA-style furniture and layout demonstrating their Home Hub story, is a little rollercoaster - no, really, a REAL rollercoaster - called The... Continue Reading →

CES 2019: Day 1 Report

5 years is a long time in technology. In fact, it's almost an ice age; CES 2014 was all about 4K screens, drones and health trackers, and that these things are more or less embedded in our lives now shows the rampant pace of change. I'm back at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES to... Continue Reading →

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