Pretty Ugly: how will your user interface be remembered?

Many years ago, I worked on a small intranet project that displayed output from a number of Crystal Reports. Remember Crystal? I spent many happy days working with the late nineties version of their software, which was quite pioneering at the time. Crystal Reports was the grand-daddy of today's Microsoft PowerBI. You could connect it to... Continue Reading →

So what did we learn from CES 2018?

The centre of the consumer innovation universe, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, ended last week and as is always the case each year, it was bigger than ever before. Not even a deluge of rain and a subsequent power cut could dampen the rush of new tech. Indeed, this year, having... Continue Reading →

The Three Flavours of Innovation

Who loves Neapolitan ice cream? Admit it, we all do. The chance to get three of your favourite flavours out of just one scoop is too good to miss, lest you're one of those fussy eaters that digs each third out of the plastic tub in turn. Yet this most nostalgic family favourite also happens... Continue Reading →

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